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Testimonial of Amy Dellwo

Amy Dellwo

I needed to write and express my gratitude to you and the staff of Crystal Mountain. As you know this was my first visit to Nepal. I am impressed by the thoughtful arrangements made for our group from landing to takeoff. The bookends of the trip (the days in Kathmandu) touring and the availability of city guides were a great comfort. It was nice to have someone who knows the city be with us while we explored. Your arrangements in the city provided cultural context that aided our understanding of things we would see during the trek. During the trek itself I found your staff to be exceptional. As you are well aware Buddhi is an outstanding. He strikes the fine balance of “being in charge” with care, good humor, and attentiveness to each individual in the group. Your assistant guides Gyan and Bir were particularly attentive during the actual trekking and during breaks and meals. They quickly come to know the trekkers and develop a team/group mentality between trekkers and staff. The personal and endearing approach of your staff make the trekkers feel well cared for and that the staff truly has our best interest in mind. A few ways your staff demonstrated accommodating our members and circumstances: Buddhi allowed for stronger trekkers to move a pace that was comfortable; we stayed in Namche an extra day to allow for the recovery of two of our trekkers; support provided for John when he needed to go down to a lower elevation; staff carried backpacks for trekkers that were struggling, staff build a series of dry rocks across the river so that the trekkers could pass safely and not slip on the icy rocks. While we did not have as much interaction with the porters I did find them to be equally helpful. Krishna is like a quiet giant, which I am certain you already know. He is a powerful person but has a very gentle spirit and demeanor. Buddhi’s boys, Hem and Dahn, were an absolute delight. They were easy to communicate with, have an exceptionally positive attitude, and engaging like their father. I am certain you have a future asset in the development of these two. I’d like to say a few words about Gyan in particular. I spent the most time with him given that Bir took John down to the lower elevation. Gyan worked very hard to get to know me personally. From day one he let me know that he was there to be sure that I was safe and he would help me in any way that he could. He consistently asked me to correct his pronunciation of English words if he mispronounced something and he would repeat new words learned while trekking and then write them in his notebook when he reached the lodge. His effort to interact on a personal level with each trekker is inspiring. By the middle of the trip I noticed that he had already identified each trekker’s patterns and needs/requests. So, before the trekker asked for something he already anticipated it and brought the item to the table. Finally, it was not until the end of the trip that I had recognized your steady leadership in the experience that we had in Kathmandu and on the trek. You showed up to each of our evening dinners, reached out the each trekker, assured we had our needs met and were enjoying ourselves. The last night in Kathmandu Jordan followed up after dinner by showing up at the hotel when one of the group members was not feeling well. He offered his assistance and said to contact him any time during the night if we needed something. During the trek I thought that the synergy, care and attention of your staff with us largely due to the closeness of the staff and their overall nature. But, once back in Kathmandu I began to see that our experience on the trek was reflective of your care and attention of us in Kathmandu. It is your brand and reflective of you as the leadership of the company. Thank you for all that you do. I appreciate the exceptional experience your company provided. I will highly recommend your company to anyone.

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