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Testimonial of Bob Held

Bob Held

Hi Jwalant, I think I can safely speak for the group in saying that we were thrilled with Crystal Mountain. Staff on the trek were exceedingly attentive to us, always making us feel safe, well cared for and having a wonderful time. The guides displayed unsurpassed kindness, good humor and patience. Somehow, they always knew when to lend an extra hand. The office staff that we met, you, Jordan and Ramhiri, were helpful and always available if needed. I've heard bad stories about guide behavior on treks. I felt confident that our experience with Crystal Mt would be a great one and my confidence was fully justified. Please don't be surprised if some suggestions for improvement come from our group. I believe they will be fully intended to help make Crystal Mt even better. As for the weather, I think we were lucky that the worst of the storm didn't hit the area we were in. We were ready to be starting down to lower elevations, so we merely sped up our pace a bit. The trails were fine and the hiking was quite beautiful. I felt Buddhi and I worked together very nicely to make decisions that were well informed and cautious. Hiking over Thokla pass in the snowy and cloudy conditions was quite magical. No one was there, I felt I had the entire place to myself, yet I was hearing voices. Four porter loads were waiting on a bench, the porters were probably sheltered nearby, talking. What a memorable moment. I have posted several of my favorite pictures on my blog at Please take a look and add comments! I will gladly email you any photos that you would like. Thanks for all that you and your staff did for us. I especially note that you gave us so many extras - an extra day of guide assistance in Kathmandu, our visit to Changu Narayan and so forth. We are all deeply grateful and we take away from our visit to Nepal nothing but delightful memories, great pictures and wonderful feelings, Bob

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