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Testimonial of David Austin

David Austin

You have a highly skilled guide in Manju. He has a remarkable ability to assess everyone in the group – he’s acutely aware of how people are doing physically and emotionally. He inquires gently of those who look tired or sick, so as to assess their status. He keeps the group together, focused on common goals and destinations. He is easy to like, and performs the leadership tasks of a guide effortlessly. It seems as though he was respected by the rest of the crew on our trek. His manner on the trail works to defuse tension, and to build a sense of community. This is all very impressive, and makes Manju highly valuable as a guide. By the end of trek, we felt as though we had a very real bond with Manju. We would love to return someday to trek with your company and with Manju as our guide.

Trip: Annapurna Sanctuary Trek

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