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Testimonial of Judith Scavone

Judith Scavone

Dear Jwalant, Thank you for facilitating our trip to the remote Upper Dolpo region. Your skilled, professional and caring crew kept us safe, well-fed and comfortable. I often marveled at how they had camp all set up for us by the time we arrived, dog-tired after a long day on the trail. The hiking was strenuous and exhilarating, the terrain was spectacular, and the villages and the people that live there were absolutely enchanting. Your initiative to sustain the local economy and preserve the culture of these remote areas is greatly appreciated, and it is my hope that places like Shey, Saldang and Ringmo will remain as timeless and culturally intact as we found them. The combination of flora, fauna, architecture and culture was phenomenal, and I will always be grateful for the opportunity to experienct it." - Judy Scavone., Ashford, WA Upper Dolpo Trek, 2011

Trip: Upper Dolpo - The Crystal Mountain Trek

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