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A Nepal tourist visa can be obtained on arrival at the Tribhuwan International Airport in Kathmandu. The visa can also be obtained six months prior to your arrival in Nepal at the Nepali consulate in your home country.

Important facts (Applicable after 16 July 2008):

Entry Visa
15 days multiple entry: US$ 25
30 days multiple entry: US$ 40
90 days multiple entry: US$ 100
Visa Extension
per day (up to 14 days): US$ 2
for more than 15 days: US$ 25
Absentee visa extension service charge: Nepali Rs. 500 

Addresses and websites of Nepali Consulates where a visa can be obtained prior to arrival:

The Nepalese Embassy
2131 Leroy Place, NW
Washington, DC 20008
Tel: 202 667 4550, Fax: 202 667 5534

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We will apply for and obtain your Bhutan visa. The visa is given upon submission of your itinerary and full trip payment. Prior to your departure from your home, we will email you a letter from Bhutan’s Tourism Department allowing you entry into Bhutan. You must produce this letter prior to boarding your plane into Bhutan from Bangkok, Delhi or Kathmandu. The Bhutan Visa fee is $20 and is always included in the travel package.


Your India visa must be obtained prior to departure from your country. In the US, the India visa must be obtained from Travisa Outsourcing. For more information, view their website:


Your China visa must be obtained prior to departure from your country.
For those residing in the US, more information on China visa can be found in the Chinese Embassy website:
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You do not need a Chinese visa if you are entering Tibet from Nepal. But you do need a Tibet Permit ($120 but subject to change). We will apply for and obtain your Tibet permit. This fee is included in your package. Allow at least 2 business days for the Tibet permit after your arrival in Nepal as we will need your passport.